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New Liquidated Damages Provision for Public Works Contracts

On January 1, 2016, Section 7203 of the California Public Contract Code went into effect, impacting public works construction projects. Initially, the statute seems to provide protection for the u ... Read more

Military Couples And Marriage

When you're getting married and are in the military, the marriage laws are a little different than for those in civilian locations. If both couples are U.S. citizens and want to get married in the Uni ... Read more

Dividing Thrift Savings Plans in Divorce

Do you or the spouse you’re divorcing have aThrift Savings Plan? This is a tax-deferred retirement account for members of the military and federal employees, similar to 401k plans offered by pri ... Read more

My Thoughts on Implementation of Changes to the Visa Waiver Program

DHS ANNOUNCES POLICIES FOR IMPLEMENTING CHANGES TO THE VISA WAIVER PROGRAM On January 21, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced policies to begin implementing the changes to the ... Read more

Divorce Basics - Indiana

Residency Requirements: -At least one spouse must be a bona fide and continuous resident of Indiana for a minimum of 6 months before filing. (Being stationed there for the military counts.) -In ad ... Read more

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