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Divorce Basics - Indiana

Residency Requirements: -At least one spouse must be a bona fide and continuous resident of Indiana for a minimum of 6 months before filing. (Being stationed there for the military counts.) -In ad ... Read more

Is it Legal to Spank My Child?

We all know that there are both moral and psychological debates about whether corporal punishment is good or bad for children, however we, as lawyers, only examine the level of corporal punishment tha ... Read more

Divorcing in the military? You really need to know this!

For better or worse, military spouses face unique challenges and that doesn’t change when ending the marriage. One of the first hurdles will be deciding where to file for divorce. Believe it or ... Read more

Be prepared when appearing as a witness!

If you’ve been summoned to appear in court as a witness, or must make an appearance for your family law case, it’s understandable that you may be feeling a little nervous. Everyone will be ... Read more

Dividing Thrift Savings Plans in Divorce

Do you or the spouse you’re divorcing have aThrift Savings Plan? This is a tax-deferred retirement account for members of the military and federal employees, similar to 401k plans offered by pri ... Read more

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