Military Law Basics

Military Law has three major components. One is military criminal justice, reflected in disciplinary actions against military personnel, including courts-martial proceedings. The other major component involves protections for persons on active duty and their families, including the right to reemployment in their civilian job after military service and rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and similar state laws. These protections involve rights on many topics, including eviction, foreclosure, installment contracts, insurance, unpaid taxes, court appearances if they are served with a complaint in a lawsuit (including protection against default). These rights are particularly important during overseas deployment, but in many instances also protect servicemembers stationed stateside as well. The third component is Veteran’s Benefits.

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Military Law Articles
Military Basics
-  Selective Service Registration Requirements-  Enlistment Process and Sign-up Bonuses
-  Retracting an Enlistment-  The GI Bill After 9/11
-  How to Vote While in the Military-  Obtaining Your Military Records
-  Correcting Your Military Records
Military Crime
-  Keeping Law & Order in the US Military-  Military Versus Civilian Court Authority
-  Representation in Appeals of VA Benefits Rulings-  Appealing a Court Martial Conviction
-  What's a Court Martial?
Military Leave and Employment
-  Military Leave for Employers-  Military Leave For Employees
-  Employer Obligations to Military Employees-  Effect of Changes on Employer USERRA Obligations
-  USERRA May Help You Avoid Being Laid Off -  Employment Leave for Families of Military Members
The Military and Family Obligations
-  Divorce in the Military-  Child Support and the Military
-  Military Divorce and Spousal Support-  Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act
-  Rights and Protections of Military Personnel
Your Finances and the Military
-  Military Pay-  Military Compensation, Pension and Retirement
-  Military Service and Social Security-  Military Family Tax Relief Act of 2003
-  Taxability of Military Pay
Hot Topics
-  Anti Gay Protesters Disrupt Military Funerals-  Bad Burial Records at Arlington Cemetery
-  For-Profit Schools Target Military Members & Vets-  Is the End in Sight for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?
-  It's All about Time: Military Ballot Laws-  Stolen Valor Act May Go Too Far to Protect Heroes
-  What's Next for Army Major Nidal Hasan?
Hiring a Lawyer
-  Meeting With A Lawyer-  Selecting A Lawyer
-  Preparing To Meet With A Lawyer
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-  Your Family & the Law-  Consumer Law

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