Veteran's Benefits

Veterans Benefits and Service Member Rights cover the legal issues that come into play because of prior military service or current veteran status. Legal rights and issues include re-employment and anti-discrimination in the workplace; family medical leave; life insurance for service members and health insurance for dependents; Veterans Administration Benefits, including disability, pension, education and vocational rehabilitation benefits; and GI Bill benefits.

Watch this video about your employment rights as a veteran.

Veteran's Benefits Articles
State Specific Resources
-  State Business Information Websites-  State Codes and Statutes Websites
-  State Labor & Industries Websites
-  Veterans' Benefits-  Claiming Military Benefits
-  Discharges and Their Effect on Veteran Benefits-  Benefits for POW - MIAs
-  Military Benefits for Surviving Family Members-  Military Compensation, Pension and Retirement
-  Receiving VA and Other Federal Benefits-  Wartime and Service Length Effects on VA Benefits
-  Contacting, Filing and Appealing with the VA-  Conviction Effect on VA Benefits
-  Creditor Claims on Your VA Benefits-  Filing a Claim Against the VA for Malpractice
-  Medical Examinations for Disabled Veterans-  Willful Misconduct and Your VA Benefits
-  Receiving a VA Disability Rating-  Starting a Veteran-Owned Small Business
-  Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder-  Appealing a VHA Health Care Decision
-  Appealing to Get the VA Benefits You Deserve-  Veterans Claims Assistance Act of 2000
-  Veterans: Employer Discrimination and Retaliation-  Employer Responsibilities to Disabled Veterans
-  Military Service and Social Security-  Employment of Veterans by Federal Agencies
-  Benefits of Veteran-Owned Businesses-  Veterans' Medical Privacy Rights
-  Reserve and National Guard Members-  Veteran's Health Care Eligibility Reform Act
-  Veterans' Reemployment - Accommodating Disabilities-  Veterans' Reemployment - Changes in the Employer
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