Veteran's Benefits

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Uniformed Services Former Spouse Pr...

Before 1982, state courts disagreed on whether they were allowed to divide military retired pay in divorce cases. On September 8, 1982, Congress enacted the Uniformed...Read more

What's a Court Martial?

Many of us a vague idea of what a court martial is. We've seen them in television drama and even major motion pictures. But there's a lot more to them than what we se...Read more

Taxability of Military Pay

Do you know that there are certain built-in tax advantages for military pay? As a member of the Armed Forces, you receive many different types of pay and allowances....Read more

Veteran's Benefits

Veteran's Benefits

FERS Disability Retirement: The "Other" System

Information concerning Federal Disability Retirement benefits will often refer to the universe of "FERS" employees (acronym for Federal Employees Retirement System, which was enacted by Cong... Read more


Much to the disappointment of immigrants and immigration reform activists, President Obama recently announced a delay in the use of executive action to solve the country’s immigration issues. On... Read more

The Inescapable Bureaucracy -- Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Disability Retirement

The gargantuan of Leviathans is the Federal entity with a bureaucracy so expansive that identities of Federal employees are not merely never recognized, but to a great extent, irrelevant. Certain agen... Read more

Establishing Paternity for Child Support

In some situations, it may be necessary for parents who are not married to establish paternity of their child. Typically, this is the case when an unmarried mother is seeking child support and/or oth... Read more

Federal Agencies, Federal Disability Retirement and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management: Creatures of Leviathan Proportions

Leviathan is both a mythological sea creature, as well as the title of a famous book authored by Thomas Hobbes. It represents that uncontrollable entity of gargantuan proportions, unstoppable and thou... Read more

Additional Veteran's Benefits Topics

Additional Veteran's Benefits Topics